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ZOTEE FILTERS Environmental PVC Floating Pool Thermometer
**Material:** Crafted from environmentally friendly PVC**Size:** 8.7x3.9x3.1"**Description:**1. **[Premium Durability]** The ZOTEE FILTERS pond thermometer is constructed from high-quality, durable PVC material, ensuring...
Floating Wireless Digital Pool Thermometer IP67 Waterproof for Swimming Pools,Bathtubs
🏊‍♂️✨ **ZOTEE FILTERS High Precision Wireless Pool Thermometer** 🌡️🔧Experience pool temperature monitoring like never before with the ZOTEE FILTERS High Precision Wireless...
Easy Read Swimming Pool Floating Thermometer for Outdoor and Indoor
Introducing our Floating Pool Thermometer, a meticulously designed device that not only enhances your water temperature monitoring experience but also adds a...
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